"Sophrology with Margot taught me so much in a short space of time, relaxation sometimes does not come easily, but learning the basic sophrology has been incredibly beneficial. I can take just a few minutes and listen to my body, clear my mind and relax. The breathing exercises are something I use most days, and body scanning makes you very self aware. I would highly recommend anyone to practice Sophrology, and especially with Margot, she is a great teacher, she takes time to ensure comfort and understanding." E.A


"Margot lives her subject in all her cells, and her enthusiasm is catching. She has a deep sense of pedagogy: her comments are clear, her explanations are the true expression of the steps in the right direction and she always finds an image or a quote to illustrate her demonstration. Close to her, the fascinating time flies too fast.” A.F


“I had never heard of Sophrology before I met Margot but have always believed in the healing power of the mind and had wanted to learn how to relax and focus inwardly so I began weekly sessions with her.

Initially I found it difficult to let go of mental distractions but with Margot’s guidance it quickly became easy to switch off the ‘outside’ world and relaxation and focus immediately followed.

My absolute favorite aspect of sophrology is learning how to ‘visualize’. Margot has shown me how to travel to places in my own mind and these experiences have been deeply satisfying.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sophrology with Margot she’s an excellent coach.” L.C


“I subscribe to the Sophrology by curiosity because it is quite a successful practice in France. I didn’t enjoy it first but really enjoyed it on the long term. I use nearly everyday the relaxation methods, the inside visualizations. Those lessons were like a special time for me and a time to share with the others from the group.” VR