The lace that carcks !


" It is not most of the time the major changes of your life that will make you crack
but a shoelace that breaks when you are in a hurry ".
Every day , little things will accumulate gradually and create a destructive stress : being stuck in traffic , too many errands to run , many calls, a thousand different tasks that think of against, time deadlines to hold, suffer the cold or heat, hang verbally with someone ... This accumulation is devastating if you do not find a way back to the baseline calm state, to lower  your body’ s status of alert and calm your mind . You have to live what you have to live each day and you can’t act on outside constraints. It is in your power to become conscious of these
little accumulated stress and bring down the level.
Set up a routine in your life. Indeed regularity has the effect to calm down, it leaves more room to face the contingencies of life
Think also about your diet, so not stress or assaulting your body and mind and give them all the necessary energy. Good food is a daily
gesture. Put a lot of colors in your plate! and then pay attention to quantities and eat only when you are hungry ! Just listen to your

Clin d'œil

Do physical exercise regularly .
Do not waste time asking you questions about why things happen . Accept, take them as they are and let it be. Do not judge or others or
yourself, it gets you nowhere and only increases your stress and make you lose time. Time you could usefully and pleasantly have for
Practice relaxation and meditation is salutary to lower the stress level. 40 minutes to 1 hour per day. I know it sounds very much. Yet
this hour spent listening and observing your feelings and your thoughts will save energy, allow your body to better fight against external aggressions by strengthening the immune defenses and find a quality and recovering sleep. So what a time won in the end ! More effective, more alert mind and less disease.
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