The good things

I noticed that most of the time we trend to remember what was wrong in our life during the day, the month, the year. It seems that we have more difficulties to anchor in our memory the good things. When you talk to a close friend, do you talk about all what was good in your day or about your troubles ?

Talking or writting about something make the item more present in our mind, overshadowed the other things and especially the good ones...

To train your mind to focus on good things, even very small things and create a balance with unpleasant ones, I propose this exercise :

1- During almost 1 week - 21 days is better :-)

2- Take a box that will contain the papers

3- Each day, put 3 papers : Write on each something that was good, nice, great, agreable, pleasant ... for you during the day

It could be an item relatively large (a promotion / a birth ...) or relatively small in importance ("My neighbourg smiled to me this morning / My child told me that he/she loves me ...)

Make this a daily routine

4- Write down exactly what happened in as much DETAIL as possible, including what you did or said.

5- Ad how this event made you feel at the time

6- And now, how do you feel when thinking to it ?

7- Why do you think this happened ? What you think caused it ?

8- These papers are just for you, it's your private box ; so don't worry about the style. You may use special words, event drawings ; the important is that it's retranscribing the event the way you lived it and felt it.


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