Sophrology and Depression

This state of depression that results in chronique fatigue, loss of energy, a life-loathing, the loss of any desire or want, anxiety, can be fought through Sophrology.  Complementary to a specialized medical follow up, the sophrologist will help restore confidence, the will to live, the joy of getting up in the morning to meet other people, and smile at your future.

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 By teaching body relaxation, the sophrologist leads the person to relax mentally to release tension.

Breathing exercises are used to nourish the body and mind to bring more serenity and harmony. Breath is  life !

The positive visualization exercises help to remember the happy moments, welfare that may have been forgotten and to project towards a future chosen and confident.

Go see a doctor and a sophrologist who will work together to help you to reconnect with the action, joy, pleasure and inner strength that drives us all.

You are not alone to suffer from depression. Talk with specialists. Whatever the cause, there is a solution.

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