Identify your Emotions

Sophrology helps you to identify your emotions. When you know exactly what's happening in your head and in your body, you can make better choice for yourself.
In the example : I feel anxious/nervous, it's strong, it's in my stomac
Practice with your children, your teenagers and for yourself :-)Slide1 1

Envy is pain

596007Who has not ever wanted that somebody else has? The fact is that you don't like having or feeling less than. It makes us uncorfontable, feeling resentment maybe. Researches have shown that our brain actually registers envy as the pain. And, if you are normally constituted, I imagine that you do not wish to keep and to store all these destructive and painful envies.

The 1st crucial stage is to simply being able to label what is going on in your thoughts, emotions and body. As you familiarize yourself with your own signs, then you have choice : How do I prefer to react now ? 

To familiarize yourself with your inner signs, a relaxation therapy like sophrology is a precious help.

Ask yourself why you are envious in this situation ? How does it sounds for you especially ?

What can you do to get ride of this envy ?

Some people imagine having what they desire. Investigating all the aspects, putting them virtually in the situation. Then confronting the situation with their values, their personnality and their way of linving. And then ask themself if it's really waht they want.

Be creative,  the choice is in your hands. Don't let yourself invade by envy.

Sophrology for Musicians

The practice of the relaxation therapy (Sophrology) is particularly interesting for the musicians. While they have to work several hours a day in the same position, make work their body and the head in synchronicity while letting the feelings express himself, take competitions to prove their skills, asuredo representations in public, ceaselessly question themselves and perfect their skills....... this profession is particularly subjected to stress.
The relaxation therapy can then help every musician:
- To be conscious of his/her body, its possiblities and its limits;
- To get ready mentally for the tests and exams;
- To channel his/her feelings, to recognize them and to know how to manage them;
- To learn the awareness and dynamic relaxation
- To stimulate the motivation




That's what I teach to musicians I have the hapiness and luck to meet at Musicalta.


Sophrology Day at the Spa

A special day to pamper yourself and learn relaxation techniques.

Day at spa 1

Breathing exercise 1

Breathe is fundamental, vital and nevertheless we carry only little attention on our breath on a daily basis. We become aware when we are short of breath after an effort but are you conscious when you are quiet? When you feel good? Or when something puts you under stress? Do you feel these various breaths in you?

I here wish to share with you breathing exercises which will be useful for you to better feel your feelings, to deal with a stress, to calm down or to bring you energy. This exercise will take you only a few minutes a day. Let’s try!

Here is the 1st exercise to have a practice twice during 1 week:

You can practice standing up, feet anchored well in the ground ; or sitting, your back straight but not still.

1/Relax your jaw, drop shoulders, Become aware of the position of your body, and feel your breath: 10 seconds

2/Breath out completely by the mouth, making a small whoosh sound.

3/Close the mouth and breath in by the nose, to a mental count of four

4/ Hold your breath for a count of seven.

5/ Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound to a count of eight.

This is one breath. Now inhale again and repeat the cycle three more times for a total of four breaths. Repeat this cycle 4 times in all.

If you have trouble holding your breath, speed the exercise up but keep to the ratio of 4-7-8 for the three phases.

If you feel a little lightheaded when you first breathe this way, just come back to your normal breath for a moment and it will pass.

Practice regularly, every day and note the effects without judging yourself. You are what you are, you feel what you feel Sourire



Feelin tired after a physical or intellectual effort, or when ill,  it's totally normal.

But, when a chronique fatigue settle in your everyday life, thta's the sign of a deeper problem and a medical advice is needed. There are numerous causes and don't under-estimate them.
Talk to a doctor and after you can talk with a sophologist who knows techniques to help you recover your vitality !

Sophrology and Depression

This state of depression that results in chronique fatigue, loss of energy, a life-loathing, the loss of any desire or want, anxiety, can be fought through Sophrology.  Complementary to a specialized medical follow up, the sophrologist will help restore confidence, the will to live, the joy of getting up in the morning to meet other people, and smile at your future.

O depression facebook

 By teaching body relaxation, the sophrologist leads the person to relax mentally to release tension.

Breathing exercises are used to nourish the body and mind to bring more serenity and harmony. Breath is  life !

The positive visualization exercises help to remember the happy moments, welfare that may have been forgotten and to project towards a future chosen and confident.

Go see a doctor and a sophrologist who will work together to help you to reconnect with the action, joy, pleasure and inner strength that drives us all.

You are not alone to suffer from depression. Talk with specialists. Whatever the cause, there is a solution.

The lace that carcks !


" It is not most of the time the major changes of your life that will make you crack
but a shoelace that breaks when you are in a hurry ".
Every day , little things will accumulate gradually and create a destructive stress : being stuck in traffic , too many errands to run , many calls, a thousand different tasks that think of against, time deadlines to hold, suffer the cold or heat, hang verbally with someone ... This accumulation is devastating if you do not find a way back to the baseline calm state, to lower  your body’ s status of alert and calm your mind . You have to live what you have to live each day and you can’t act on outside constraints. It is in your power to become conscious of these
little accumulated stress and bring down the level.
Set up a routine in your life. Indeed regularity has the effect to calm down, it leaves more room to face the contingencies of life
Think also about your diet, so not stress or assaulting your body and mind and give them all the necessary energy. Good food is a daily
gesture. Put a lot of colors in your plate! and then pay attention to quantities and eat only when you are hungry ! Just listen to your

Clin d'œil

Do physical exercise regularly .
Do not waste time asking you questions about why things happen . Accept, take them as they are and let it be. Do not judge or others or
yourself, it gets you nowhere and only increases your stress and make you lose time. Time you could usefully and pleasantly have for
Practice relaxation and meditation is salutary to lower the stress level. 40 minutes to 1 hour per day. I know it sounds very much. Yet
this hour spent listening and observing your feelings and your thoughts will save energy, allow your body to better fight against external aggressions by strengthening the immune defenses and find a quality and recovering sleep. So what a time won in the end ! More effective, more alert mind and less disease.
Try SOPHROLOGY for a peaceful mind in an alert body 


Gloomy mornings ?

Does it happens to you, some mornings, to get up from morose, sad, listless or as carrying a weight?  En pleurs
I mean those where seemingly nothing dramatic has occurred in your life. Nothing has changed, but especially without knowing why, you do not feel confortable ...
In this case, you have to react! Give yourself 48 hours maximum.
This is of 48 hours and not "2 days" because every hour counts: day and night this condition affects you.
Beyond this period, this gloomy state sets in, takes over. You are going to get used and end up thinking "I'm like this, I can not help it."
Do not say "it will pass." This feeling is an internal alert. Very useful indeed to realize that something is bothering you.
This is what I propose:

1 / Do not let it go! This feeling is telling you something, do not ignore it!
2 / Refocus on yourself, listen to yourself, listen to what you feel at that very moment.
3 / Ask yourself:
- Did something disturb me recently? in previous days (the day before, usually)
- Someone has done or said something that shocked me? pissed off? disrupted? but at the time I missed ...
- Do I feel a particular tension in my body? And if I had an idea where it comes from, I'd say ...
- Have I left out a project or an idea that is important to me?
- Is it by chance I would repel the execution of a task that bothers me?

Do not judge, do not censor your. Let out ideas and feelings freely, right there, listening.
Let your body and mind interact to bring you the answer that will free you from this unpleasant condition and show you how to get out.
You have the solution, listen.

With a little practice, it will come increasingly easy to listen, feel and then make the right decisions for yourself.

You will find energy, joy and peace.
Feel allege, invigorated and alert.... Sourire